The Stars are Dying

There is something out there, killing the stars. Before long, the entire Galaxy.

On the twenty-first of False Winter in the year 2956 since the founding of Neverness, the Vild Mission began its historic journey across the galaxy. In the black, cold, vacuum spaces above the City of Light, in orbit around the planet of Icefall, Lord Nikolos Sar Petrosian had called together a fleet of ships. And, of course, there were the lightships. Their number was 254. They were the glory of Neverness, these bright, shining slivers of spun diamond that could pierce the space beneath space and enter the unchartered seas of the manifold where there was neither time nor distance nor light. (David Zindell 1996.)

Songsworth: The Wild

2 thoughts on “The Stars are Dying

  1. I think you use Fruity Loops, isn’t it? But how you make piano to sound so deep, both bass and high pitch piano, I just love it!

  2. Dear SLeo,

    Thank you for your comment! Actually all the drums on this track are programmed on Kontakt 2 and Logic’s Ultrabeat; I haven’t used any other ready-made loops apart from the shaker. πŸ™‚

    The piano is also from Kontakt 2, it’s a huge sampled Steinway that comes with the sampler, and I certainly love it too. It’s amazing how accurately these instruments are sampled these days. πŸ™‚

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